Bitrix24 integration with popular social networks and messengers

Nearly every customer using Bitrix24 integration asks questions regarding the possibility of integration with social networks or communication services. This comes naturally since every modern business can't function without communication with its customers. In this article, we will share the information on where everything will go smoothly with the integration and when our developers might need a prompt and qualitative elimination of some issues

What's the procedure of transferring the Working groups in Bitrix24?

When a user needs to transfer some important information in Bitrix24, we don't recommend doing it on their own. Not everything can be simply transferred via the "Cut" and "Insert" commands. Transferring data via the programmatic method requires in-depth knowledge usually possessed by qualified developers. We are proud that our employees are just like that, and in this article we share the transfer method of the Working groups.

What is an internal ticketing system in Bitrix24, and how does it function?

Every business owner is always in a constant search for new options of optimization and improvement. If the company is providing diverse customer support, one of the options is to establish an independent and custom-developed ticketing system in the Bitrix24 Portal to improve the customers' requests processing. This article could be useful for you if customer-oriented service provisioning is an important factor.

Bitrix24 CRM-form — guaranteed successful lead hunting

Internet form is one of the most efficient ways to get neccessary information from a lead or, at least, get and take the most valuable pieces from it. Bitrix24 offers the CRM-form 2.0 functionality, which allows to easily and quickly create the convenient forms and offer them to customers to be filled out using varios methods. 

Why is it mandatory to automate the creation of commercial offers in Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 generates a number of documents, but the commercial offer is the most important one. Here, everything should go smoothly, well-managed and in a semi-automatic (with the minimum human intervention) mode, so that your clients receive the correct information as soon as possible. In this article, we review the example of the efficient business process with a commercial offer that Avivi professionals created for the METAL PRO BUILDINGS construction company from Toronto, Ontario province, Canada.

Bitrix24 log in — easy and secure

Bitrix24 offers several options for the authorization of users in the system. There are specific innovations compared with other services for business, and each of them is aimed to boost the security, but at the same time to make the lives of the employees easier

Scrum technology is now in Bitrix24!

Scrum in Bitrix24 became one of the most long-awaited Bitrix24 updates in the departing year of 2021. So what is scrum, and how is it implemented into Bitrix24? And most important — how can it be used for the more efficient completion of the tasks by the team? We talk about that in our article's blog.  

Bitrix24 and the local network: restricted access for everyone?

Bitrix24 is a set of useful tools for businesses aimed at improving your business processes online: CRM, Tasks and Projects, Contact center, Sites and Shops, Office etc. All of the above is available via the Internet,  Bitrix24 can also be installed an a  local server with limited access via your internal network. You can find out about how and when it can be useful in the article.

Avivi's Bitrix24 SMTP module turned 2: the number of customers we helped and the things we've learned

One of the best Avivi company's solutions which is successfully sold around the world — the customized SMTP module to solve the issues with emailing in the Bitrix24 box edition. We answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the module and the reason that might create obstacles in its installation process.

The migration from on-premise Bitrix24 to the cloud. Pretty cool, isn't it?

For many years, the Avivi company has realized various projects connected with Bitrix24. The most unusual project turned out to be a transfer from on-premise edition to the cloud. Usually, everyone wants to do it the other way around. But if the customer wants something from us, he/she will get it from our company.  

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