HelpDesk — the best solution for technical support of the clients from Avivi Company

A technical support — is always a pain for every business and it gets harder, when it’s you who should provide the technical support. But with custom extension HelpDesk for the self-hosted version of Bitrix24 from the Avivi Company you will solve a problem with the organization of the technical support for your clients and will receive the effective algorithm of work for your collaborators.

Get more with Avivi and Bitrix24

What features of cooperation with our company will bring you more benefits? Of course — the ability to always give the client more!

Renewal of Bitrix24 integration with TimeDoctor

For more than a month (release was at 25 October) the users in the whole world have the opportunity to make time tracking in TimeDoctor performing tasks in Bitrix24 thanks to integration from Avivi Company. The developers received a lot of feedback and thanks, which motivated them to release an updated version by the beginning of winter. We have prepared answers to the three most frequently asked questions on integration, as well as the most important update news.

Import of leads by API methods in the self-hosted version of Bitrix24

In the abstract, if you organize your business, invest a lot of money there and hire a staff of marketers, in the near future a huge queue of clients should be next to your door. But this is only in theory. In reality, you have to fight for every client, even if you have a super-successful project.

7 Reasons not to implement Bitrix24!

As the CEO of the Bitrix24 integrator company, I see the CRM implementation processes from both the potential customer’s side and my employees’ side: managers, programmers, and marketing specialists. Relying on multiple cases, as well as personal experience, I want to save time, money and nerves of many who want to work with CRM.

The release of the first Integration of Bitrix24 with TimeDoctor

On October 25, 2018, Avivi Company unveiled the official release of the integration of Bitrix24 with Time Doctor. The application is already available in the Bitrix24 Marketplace

Bitrix24 — Sites!

23 October 2018

Oleg Kravpa

Junior back end developer

Bitrix24 — Sites!
Bitrix24 — Sites!

Who wants a new site? To be honest, everyone wants, even if you already have a couple. It is a human nature to want something new and good. And there is another side of the coin: when the new site is vitally indispensable, and quickly... That's about this we will talk further!

How to transfer the data?

04 October 2018

Vyacheslav Nahnybida

PR Manager

How to transfer the data?
How to transfer the data?

When you decide to change the CRM system or integrate a new one with a ready-made platform (website, online store, payment system, etc.), you will inevitably encounter the need to transfer data. The belief about the inevitable loss of information stops many of us. Do not be afraid: uploading, downloading or migration is not as scary as it may seem at first look. But they are important.

Always within your reach – mobile Bitrix24

If you work with Bitrix24, then you do not have to sit in the office. Take a mobile phone or tablet, download a mobile application and go on a hike, go on a trip around the world - everything you need is with you. In some cases, do not even need access to the Internet :)

Chatbots, Robot and Me

28 August 2018

Viktor Magdin

Backend TeamLead

Chatbots, Robot and Me
Chatbots, Robot and Me

If you think that the age of robots appeared in the cinema only - you are deeply mistaken! They do not just surround us, but they are also ready to help your cause. Using Bitrix24, you can even program your assistant by yourself. This article describes such process.

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