Bitrix24 integration with popular social networks and messengers

11 February 2022

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Valeriia Hodlevska


Valeriia Hodlevska
Bitrix24 integration with popular social networks and messengers

Currently, any business is being active on social network accounts. These accounts are ultimately becoming the only active sales channels worldwide, and this tendency keeps on growing. Firstly, the company accounts on various social platforms only boost brand recognition. Additionally, they help search for new customers through advertising and attraction tools. It's challenging to maintain all the accounts; thus, Bitrix24 gathers all communication channels in one location. 

How to not lose or miss a request from the customer

Bitrix24 is capable of managing incoming requests or inquiries from the customers and immediately feeding them into your CRM system. The automatization of these processes helps to gather all of them in  Bitrix24 Opened lines. Using the Contact center will enable you to connect to the required service in just a couple of minutes.


When a customer sends you a message in one or another digital channel, it is displayed in the Opened lines, and you will be able to continue your dialogue in the CRM system directly or to redirect this inquiry to the responsible employee. There are various interactions foreseen in the ready-made integration for the various platforms: direct dialogue, responding to the post's comments, and so on, depending on the functionalities that the service offers. 

We also share the most significant life hack on making any user play the game according to your rules, whatever service they use. You can create a CRM platform in Bitrix24 and provide a link to it in your profile or ad post with the set of any required fields for the information collection. When filling out this form, the client's data flows into your Lead or Deal card for further processing by the managers. The requests appear as the new messages come in. 

You will have a possibility to automatize these processes for the allocation to the respective manager or department of the company, but this is a different story — what is indeed significant is that a user will fill out the fields you require.

Integration of Bitrix24 with WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

The most common social networks used by millions of people around the globe are all ready to be integrated with Bitrix24 in just several clicks of a mouse. That is a perfect environment to attract new customers.


Bitrix24 presents two options of connecting this messenger simultaneously: through the Twilio service or joining the "Virtual WhatsApp" channel. The latter option allows you to answer the messages from a client, which will flow from your widget on the website into WhatsApp and will initiate a dialogue. You will instantly receive a notification as soon as this happens. 


Facebook open channel may be connected in two ways: through messages and comments to posts. In the first scenario, you will need to open your page and click on the "Send a message" button. In the second scenario, a potential client leaves a comment on the wall of a public page, and you would be able to reply to it from Btirix24 directly. The ready-made integration with Facebook Lead Ads will transmit Leads and Deals into your CRM, generated from the filled outfield of an application of this tool in a social network.  


Instagram also offers two possible connections: via comments and messages. Recently, Bitrix24 carried out a significant project on replying to messages via Instagram Direct, and now you can react to all the types of messages, including audio messages or disappearing photos.

If there is no required integration in Bitrix24

As you see, there are other ready-made integrations in the Contact Center with less popular social networks and messengers. You can also find some solutions if you obtain a Market+ subscription. If the service you require is not there, and you need to incorporate it, the Avivi professionals will assist with 99.99% of cases. It is essential that that service has an available and described API to create a custom integration. And there is a vivid example of a truly unique integration of Bitrix24 with YouTube created by the Avivi developers. 

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