Bitrix24 vs Odoo

30 May 2022

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Valeriia Hodlevska


Valeriia Hodlevska
Bitrix24 vs Odoo

Remind first that the CRM system is a perfect tool for business management. It helps build the right dialogues with customers, organizes the work of employees and automates routine processes. If you have ever wondered whether your business needs a CRM system — definitely so. Using it will help take your business to a new level and raise earnings. To date, there are many CRMs, but not all are equipped with the perfect tools, which consists of the most convenient, for everyday use, features, even at a good price. In this article, we will compare two of the most well-known platforms for doing business — Bitrix24 and Odoo. If you look closely at both systems, both have powerful tools with easy management. And there are some differences in the functionality of the platforms. So let's look at each of them.

The main differences

So the first thing to talk about when comparing Bitrix24 and Odoo is the approach to supply. Of course, there is a technical difference behind this, but for you, as consumers, it is less important to know than to understand what you have to work with. So Bitrix24 is a large set of tools, which already provides thousands of possible options for work and business processes. That is, all tools are delivered simultaneously. Odoo is a modular system where each individual business selects only the necessary components. This way, you don't overpay for tools you may never use, and you don't see a buildup of those tools in the work interface. For example, CRM in any Bitrix24 business plan is a must. In Odoo it is a separate module that can be freely connected or removed from the system at any time.

CRM capabilities

With Bitrix24 you will get ice and contract management, business process automation, various integrations and warehouse work. You will choose the functions depending on the tariff. You can integrate CRM Bitrix24 with other platforms both custom and with ready-made integration with popular services.

Odoo offers the same approach, but there are many more additional features. In this way, it is possible to more precisely and flexibly adjust to the needs of your business without customization. As a last resort, Odoo's partner can create a custom Python module for you that will work exactly as needed.

Both systems support free export and import of data, account handling, technical support, e-mail distribution and project management tools. Odoo also supports integration, but does not allow integration with IP telephony or a call center. Both systems will be convenient for businesses of different sizes and scales.


The structure of the Bitrix24 system includes a whole corporate social network that can be used by all employees of the company. The system stores user correspondence, records all events and news. This helps manage HR processes and saves time that employees would use to communicate on other social networks.

Odoo also allows you to create chats using emoticons and save your correspondence history, as well as manage HR processes. However, there is no imitation of the company's social network and the News feed. And it's hard to say whether it's bad or good: with the rest, people have to work and perform tasks clearly, regardless of such interface elements.

Trade and warehouse

If trade is a priority for you, the Odoo offer prevails here. The system allows you to use convenient functionality for the warehouse, control orders, manage prices, scan barcodes and track the movement of goods. Relevant modules have been around for a long time and are well debugged, while a similar feature in Bitrix24 has recently appeared and needs to be improved.

Development and installation

Both systems are open source, which is very convenient for quick system updates, refinements or bugs. Users need only a browser to use, without the need to install additional programs. This is very convenient for remote work.

But if you need an on-premise edition, then Odoo is just one of the few systems other than Bitrix24 that will give you that opportunity. Local versions provide virtually endless opportunities for improvement, innovation and fine-tuning.


Bitrix24 has a completely free tariff plan for an unlimited number of users. This, at first glance, sounds encouraging, but it should be understood that the functionality of the free tariff is extremely reduced and is only suitable for familiarization with the system. The cost of the commercial tariff starts from $ 34. The Professional tariff, which costs $ 160 per month, is considered optimal for the company

Odoo allows you to use all the features for free for a month, which is enough for training and settings. Subsequently, a subscription fee of EUR 10 per month per user is introduced. The rest of the check is a subscription to the required modules, starting from 6 EUR. You choose the number of modules yourself, and there are about 1000 in the system. Therefore, it is possible to calculate the final cost of the product only individually.


We have presented to you the main common features and differences of two excellent products, with which our company is always ready to work in the implementation. We can't make a choice for you, but we like to advise the best option at a free consultation. Avivi, like no other, knows how important it is to choose the right software for business. Both Bitrix24 and Odoo are worthy of your attention and will really help to take your business to a qualitatively new level.

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