Sales Tax Module for Bitrix24 has made purchases and sales more prompt and less demanding for the customers from the USA

17 February 2022

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Anna Gerasymchuk

Project Manager

Anna Gerasymchuk
Sales Tax Module for Bitrix24 has made purchases and sales more prompt and less demanding for the customers from the USA

The taxation system in the USA is quite complex: the residents of the country are well aware of it, but it always comes as a surprise for the tourists. The taxation functions at the federal, state and local levels. Each state imposes its own tax at all three levels, thus it becomes difficult to keep track on the amount of additional funds one would be obliged to pay in every other scenario. 

So how do you keep track?

Since there are many states, it is problematic to calculate the tax on your own and to always keep all the data in your head. Avalara, a platform that calculates taxes on each purchase or sale in various states according to your location, has been created exactly for these purposes back in 2004.

Our client's main request was to develop a module for Bitrix24 to integrate with Avalara, since its default functionality was not intended for that specific purpose. Our professionals set an objective to create a module for the box edition which will provide information on sales taxes in real time for the purpose of registering an order through the Bitrix24 online store.

Avivi's solution

The customized solution has been created and adjusted according to the customer's website template. Avivi has developed an integration module with Avalara. Upon its installation, two highload-blocks are created. The address of the store is entered in one of them, and the information on the successful order, contact details and the tax connected to the purchase, are entered in the other one. At the stage of entering data via Ajax and Avalara API, the respective tax is being accrued, while the customer is presented with the final total amount including taxes.

There has also been created an order processing site, which resembles the common online shops websites allowing you to select your location. Upon that, the module will automatically calculate your tax via Avalara, which will be shown in a respective block on the right.


Thus, the Avivi module helps the clients of our American customers to make purchases in a convenient way, and to immediately see the tax value regardless of their location and the location of the online or offline store. This project demonstrates the skills of our team in developing customized solutions for Bitrix24 as per various needs. Hence, if you require to improve your box edition, we will be happy to assist you in making your business thrive!

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