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App Description

A technical support — is always a pain for every business and it gets harder, when it’s you who should provide the technical support. But with custom extension HelpDesk for the self-hosted version of Bitrix24 from the Avivi Company you will solve a problem with the organization of the technical support for your clients and will receive the effective algorithm of work for your collaborators.

What can HelpDesk?

Our extension will help you to organize the processing of requests from customers thanks to the functionality of extranet groups Bitrix24. For customers and employees, it looks extremely convenient and efficient. The administrator of the portal only needs to create a new extranet of the support service group and invite all the necessary participants to it and, in fact, create a mailbox for requests.

How does it work? When a client writes to your technical support email address, HelpDesk automatically create a task using the materials of this letter. The task is as follows:

  • Address of a sender and the subjects of a letter — name of the task in Bitrix24;

  • Body of the letter is a description of a task;

  • Files, attached to the letter — files, attached to the task;

  • Person in charge is an owner of the work group of the support service;

  • Deadline is determined in accordance with the administrator settings.

HelpDesk for the employees

In addition to efficiency for customers, the technical support should be convenient for your employees and our expansion fully corresponds to this need. HelpDesk is an extension for an extranet group, so it uses the basic Bitrix24 functionality and does not require additional third-party programs. 

For various reasons, the person in charge of the extranet group may not respond to the creation of a new task. In this case, HelpDesk will automatically change the person in charge to the moderator of this group; the time of this operation is configured individually for each customer.

Employees can conduct a dialogue with the client in the comments to the task. In this case, all participants in the task, including the extranet user, will see the conversation. But HelpDesk allows employees to communicate with each other without publicity for the client! To do this, select the "Internal message" before sending it. Then the information will remain visible only to employees.

How to get HelpDesk?

Our extension is fully ready for use in all self-hosted versions of Bitrix24. We have repeatedly integrated it with the portals of other clients, so we have worked out possible difficulties. Installing and debugging the extension does not take much time, but it must be configured directly for your business.

For extended advice on HelpDesk and the conditions for acquiring an extension, contact Aviti Company’s Gold Partner Bitrix24 employees

Got an Idea for App?

Avivi is a leader in the development of custom applications for cloud and on-premis versions of the Bitrix24. If You have an idea of an important and necessary solution for Bitrix24, we are ready to implement it!

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Everything You Need to Know About Bitrix 24 Helpdesk

An effective and transparent service request system is provided by Bitrix24’s professional helpdesk service, which helps you arrange technical support services. Creating support tickets is as simple as filling out an intranet form or sending an email to a mailbox specifically designated for handling support ticket creation.

Examples of how to put this into practice:

  • Internal user assistance from a technical staff (for example, IT department processes requests, all other “Clients” users can leave requests).

  • Customers’ access to outside technical assistance.

You might also wonder when and where would a company use this work optimizing and cost-saving solution: it can be used by information technology firms, manufacturers, service centers, and business centers.

When Compared to Normal Task Functionality, How Does This One Differ?

  1. Separate directories for businesses, contacts, service items, and equipment; private comments for workers within this program.

  2. Automatic designation of an application manager.

  3. Fields that are not visible to a client include time spent, the name of the person in charge, and a date on which a decision will be made; specialized reports; and cross-references across organizations.

  4. Using service level agreements (SLAs), rules are set up to determine an anticipated decision date and response time for an application, taking into consideration several variables such as a kind of application, priority, company, and customer service schedule.

Next variants of event alerts are sent to everyone, including employees and customers. This helps to maintain strong communication in-between employees and customers.

  • Giving notice to the person in charge of the application when it’s created.

  • Informed notification of removal of responsibility to the person in charge of the application.

  • Assigning responsibility to an appropriate person after notifying the application’s primary contact.

  • Submitting the applicant’s contact information to the applicant’s contact person.

  • Notification of the person in charge of adding a remark.

  • Notifying the application’s point of contact when it is created.

  • Notifying the application’s contact person of status change.

  • Notifying an individual who may submit a public remark about the application.

  • Announcing to onlookers when the person in charge of the project is no longer the same.

  • Notifying observers when the state of the application changes.

  • Notifying observers when new observers are added to the application.

  • Notifying onlookers that they’ve been tagged in a remark.

Avivi — Gold Partner of Bitrix24

All Bitrix24 versions that can be organized by the owner are compatible with the other versions of Bitrix. Because Avivi (Bitrix24’s Gold Partner) has connected it with other customers’ portals so many times, we have figured out any issues that may arise. Installation and debugging are quick, however, this extension must be customized specifically for your company’s needs. Contact Avivi company’s staff at for more information about Bitrix24 help desk and the criteria for obtaining an extension.

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