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App Description

Application for creating publications in Telegram directly from Bitrix24. It is part of the Media Posting APP. Allows you to create messages with any type of media content, manage channels and view statistics.


The application was created in the Python programming language. This is an integration with the Telegram API, which allows you to perform almost all operations in Bitrix24 that are available from any other version of Telegram applications: the web version or the mobile application. Currently, only the Storyes publishing tool remains unavailable, as these APIs are not open to developers. In Bitrix24, the application opens in a new Portal window, if installed separately, or in a separate “Media Posting APP” tab, if installed as a batch as part of this application.

Working with the application

To start work, the user must be authorized by phone number. The application offers to enter a confirmation code from Telegram, which will allow you to start a new session. After data synchronization, lists of all channels in which you can post messages will become available to you. To do this, you must have administrator rights.

Users can create new public and private channels right in the app and post to them immediately. For security reasons, the app does not have tools to delete channels. This can be implemented separately for each specific case.

You can send a message to several channels at once: for this, you need to select them from the general list. Simple formatting, highlighting, and hyperlink embedding tools are available for text editing. Emojis are also at your service.

Sending messages can be instant or delayed. You can choose the day, hour and minute when the application will send a message to the channel or channels.
You can add all types of content: text, images, audio, video, documents, PDF files, etc. There are no file size or length restrictions.

After sending a message, the application resets all previous settings and you can create a new one. Tools for viewing statistics are available at the bottom of the application page. Here, users can view detailed information about posts and reactions from channel readers. According to the policy of Telegram itself, for this the channel must have more than 1000 users, and the user must have administrator rights.

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