Time & Project Reports PRO

Version : cloud, on-premise

App Description

The most convenient application in Bitrix24 for reporting on time spent, the effectiveness of staff interaction and the stages of the tasks and the conclusion of systematic results.

The application “Time and Project Reports PRO" is a modified version of one of the most popular applications for Bitrix24 “Time and Project Reports”. It can be used both in the cloud and in the self-hosted versions of the Bitrix24. APP will become an indispensable tool for any manager. Also, the module will allow you to effectively evaluate and take into account the time spent by managers or developers to complete work tasks. Reporting on the various parameters of the project takes just a few clicks!

How can it help?

Our application will become an indispensable tool for any project manager, and will also allow managers or developers effectively evaluate the time they spent on various tasks. Reporting for different project parameters takes only a few clicks.

The supervisor can monitor the implementation of the project and assess the difference between the planned and already spent time. Information about the number of people involved in different processes is always available. The application will help you calculate the percentage of time spent by each unit. And also the effectiveness of each individual employee in the overall process.

Check the collaboration!

In the  establishing of tasks, the application "“Time and Project Reports PRO"" can provide statistics on who the manager is working with and with which department he works most often. This information will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of time planning for tasks.

Also, you can filter the reporting by tags for more flexible reporting in each company. This will create the most accurate request from the project manager to obtain the necessary statistical information.

Accurate and convenient report

At any time, reporting can be uploaded to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file. With any changes to the query, the report is converted into a separate spreadsheet.

The application "Time and project reports" from the company Avivi is aimed at an objective collection of statistical information from each employee. People can independently control the costs of their time, monitor the deadline time and, as a consequence, self-motivate and unceasingly develop.

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