Time and Project Reports

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App Description

The application from the "Top 10" of the most popular Bitrix24 modules in the world for reporting on time spent, staff interaction and the stages of performing tasks.

We want to present the simplest and most convenient solution in the process of evaluating and controlling the employees work in a project on the Bitrix24 from Avivi company. The application "Time and Project Reports" is available for you in the Bitrix24 Marketplace! 

Who needs "Time and Project Reports"?

What do any employers need from their subordinates? Of course, a clear understanding of the tasks and their implementation on time. Just like every manager needs knowledge about the general involvement of the team in the work.

Every fellow worker you hire is unique in its own way. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of each person's work output and receive a detailed report from him. That's why we created a universal application for executives and managers "Time and Project Reports".

What is important to know about the application? 

To start work, the manager will have to learn the brief manual on how his personal daily reports are compiled. Also, it is very important for every employee to convey an idea - this is not total control, but only a tool that will facilitate and improve involvement in labor processes, will become an excellent organizational element and motivation to work even better and more.

The application is simple and intuitive to every manager. Reports are constructed in a logical order. To work with "Time and Project Reports" will be spent much less time than on the independent compilation of such reports.

Available for everyone!

The use of the this Avivi`s product is free of charge. Already more than seven thousand Bitrix24 users around the world have had time to evaluate it advantages, which provided the "Time and Project Reports". This application is in the "Top-10" most popular  in the world of Bitrix24.

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