Multicurrency Module

Version : on-premise

App Description

Custom module only for the on-premise edition, which allows the use of several currencies at once and simplifies work with them at the same time.

For what?

From the technical features of the Bitrix24 box, you can choose only one base currency of the Portal. It is with her that all monetary transactions will be conducted. Only invoices and reports created on the basis of the Agreement can be automatically recalculated in the desired currency at a manually set exchange rate. This creates certain difficulties for international activities. The Avivi team has created a solution that makes it easier for users with multiple currencies at the same time.

Advantages of the module

Using the solution will save you from worrying about the base currency and recalculating the value: when entering any new product in CRM, the employee only needs to specify its value and choose the currency in which it is specified. The system itself calculates the price for other currencies you need. And Bitrix24 now draws actual information about the course from the specified source, and does not wait for human input. This action is unique for each individual Portal, as it depends on the partner bank.

An excellent solution for working with foreign partners

If your business goes beyond one country or you actively work with foreign partners and clients, the multi-currency solution for the Bitrix24 box will become indispensable in all monetary transactions. For consultation on the implementation of the revision, contact the International IT company Avivi.

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