Project Progress (individual)

Version : cloud, on-premise

App Description

Convenient interface application for Bitrix24, which allows you to monitor the overall progress of current projects according to the established criteria for performing tasks for them.

If your business deals with project activities, then Bitrix24 is indispensable for effective work. And with the help of the "Progress projects" application, you will be able to keep your hand on the pulse of all projects at the same time, regardless of their quantity! 

The logic of the application

You can assign two types of metrics to each task in the project: "Importance Level" (three by default) and "Total Value" as a percentage (more than 0% and less than 100%). To do this, after installing the application, the сustome user fields appear in the tasks. The system calculates the progress of the project and displays it in the progress bar on a separate page in the Bitrix24 portal as the tasks are completed.
The indicator "Importance Level" is determined for each client individually in accordance with the characteristics of the business and the wishes of the client. The "Total Value" is suitable for absolutely all users.


The application has its own page in Bitrix24, which opens in a slider, which displays readiness charts and contains a ranking list of all current projects. Implemented filtering of current and viewing already completed projects. From the application page, you can open to edit any of the projects in a new browser tab. The design is qualitatively different from the standard Bitrix24 style, as the application uses the Bootstrap 4 library.


The application is hosted on the customer's server and does not require a subscription — the purchase is one-time and forever. If you do not have your own server and you use the Bitrix24 cloud service, our company can host the application on the Avivi server by separate agreement or advise another solution.

How to get?

To demonstrate the capabilities and receive the "Progress Projects" application, you need to send a request to our mailbox and discuss the requirements for customizing the software product specifically for your needs with our manager.

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