Bitrix SMTP Module

Version : on-premise

App Description

Custom module for on-premise Bitrix24 only, which allows you to connect to the Portal an unlimited number of domains of email services that once and for all solves your problem with sending and receiving emails.

Why do you need the "SMTP" Module?

Owners of on-premise Bitrix24 may face problems when sending email. This happens way too often at the beginning of using the local edition. Problems arise with sending mail out of the on-premise when you try to connect another mailbox with a different domain. For example, if you originally had, then will create problems, while a new mailbox on 'Yahoo' would work just fine. This is due to the settings of your SMTP-server. Our module does it for you.

What can it do?

The solution has a lot of strong points:

  • The installed module allows you to connect to Bitrix24 an unlimited number of any emailboxes;
  • The code in no way affects the performance or productivity of Bitrix24;
  • This is not the kernel customization, so the solution will handle updates, and should function reliably after on-premise upgrades;
  • The solution is suitable for any on-premise version of Bitrix24.


The module does not have an interface part, so in the screenshot, you can see only the result — the ability to connect and use different email domains. To receive comprehensive information and purchase the "SMTP" Module, you should send an application to the company and get advice from our manager.

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Other applications

Bitrix24 SMTP: MailChimp for Your Company

Among a wide range of Bitrix possibilities, there are various types of applications that can optimize the work of your business. One of them is SMTP. Link an infinite quantity of domains and email providers to the Portal by utilizing this unique module, which is only available with on-premise Bitrix24. The only significant issue here is that SMTP works in a distinct way depending on the Cloud and On-Premise versions, and that’s all there is to it. SMTP is used by Bitrix24 to work with emails. The most common form of communication is email, but there are a variety of alternatives to choose from as well.

You may link any type of mail, independent of the domain name, to the portal using Bitrix24’s Cloud edition SMTP server. With this type of SMTP, things are a whole lot of different options. For the most part, a dedicated server is more expensive than a cloud service, although they both fulfill the same general purpose. To begin, the mail server is set up using the domain name registered with the portal. If you have a Gmail account, you may link several Gmail accounts to your gateway. A or other domain mailbox must first be acknowledged before you can use it. The SMTP server must first be set up. The SMTP capabilities of any Bitrix24 On-Premise version have been enhanced by Avivi engineers thanks to the creation of a unique module. This module eliminates the need for users to set up a server for each new type of domain they register. Because this module does everything, you may connect as many email providers as you like to your portal account simultaneously. Bitrix24 system security is unaffected by the module since it does not change the kernel. Even if you install On-Premise Edition updates on your PC, it still works... There will be no more Bitrix24 email or message issues thanks to this new SMTP module.

You Might Wonder: What’s the Point of Having the SMTP Module Installed?

Users using on-premise Bitrix24 may have issues while attempting to send email using this service. As soon as you start utilizing the local edition, this occurs all the time. When you attempt to link another mailbox to a different domain, you run into issues sending mail outside of the on-premises environment. A new mailbox on ’Yahoo’, on the other hand, would function just fine if your previous mailbox was on Your SMTP server’s configuration is to blame. Hence, Avivi will take care of the whole process for you using this effective and useful application.

What is this MailChimp Capable of?

There are many advantages to this solution:

  1. Using the installed module, you’ll be able to connect an infinite number of email boxes to Bitrix24.

  2. The code has no impact on Bitrix24’s performance or efficiency.

  3. This solution will handle updates and should continue to work consistently after on-premise upgrades since this isn’t a kernel modification.

  4. Any type of on-premise Bitrix24 may use this solution.

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