Dialogflow integration

Version : on-premise

App Description

Custom integration of on-premise Bitrix24 with a chatbot from the IT giant Google by Avivi

What is integration for?

Dialogflow is one of the best chatbots in the world today, with great potential for future development. For joint work with Bitrix24, a mechanism for the interaction of the two platforms is required. There is no ready-made integration in Bitrix24.Market, so the only possible option is cash integration from Avivi.

How does it work?

Bitrix24 on-premise owners can take advantage of our offer without much effort. The only thing that is necessary for integration is the id of the chatbot, which can be found in the user's personal account, as well as SSH access to Bitrix24. After installing and configuring the integration module, Dialogflow will work with Bitrix24 like any other open-line integration. If you use several bots on different lines at once, each of them needs to be integrated separately.

What if you have cloud-based Bitrix24?

The solution from Avivi is intended for the server edition of Bitrix24. It is made in the form of a module that works in parallel with the system and does not depend on Bitrix24 version updates. Cloud service owners can be offered the creation of a personal integration relationship. In this case, you will need a server to host it. The development time per relationship is 40%-50% longer than the time for implementing a modular solution.

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