SMTP Module: Solving mail problems with on-premise Bitrix24 once and forever

Brief case description

Module Possibilities

Tasks for Bitrix24 Without Module With Module
Connection of own mail boxes
Receiving incoming mail
Sending outgoing mail
Unlimited number of own mail boxes
Ready settings for different mail providers (for example, Yahoo, Gmail, Aol)
Possibility to send emails using an external service (for example, MailChimp)


The basic version of the SMTP Module for Bitrix24 on-premise edition is $350. his cost includes the software code itself and installation on the Customer's Portal. Payment is made on a one-time basis. There are no hidden fees for use or renewal. At the request of the customer, the Marketing add-on for the Module can be purchased right away or later for the price of $150.

The SMTP module is already installed

Frequently asked questions

  1. How can I see a sample or try the product out?

    The module is a code and does not have an interface part, therefore, screenshots are not possible. The only thing that changes for the user after the Module is installed is that messages are sent from their own mail boxes. If you try to do this without the Module, the email will simply not be sent.

  2. Why doesn’t Bitrix24.Marketplace have the solution?

    Our solution is a custom development for a boxed edition, which cannot be trivially downloaded. This code is implemented by our specialists on a case by case basis.

  3. What if we wish to update the box with the Module installed?

    If you wish, then go for it! Our development is not a customization of the kernel, so it won’t be affected by any updates.

  4. Will each employee be able to connect their own mailbox?

    Yes! All employees have an equal opportunity to use the Module. Even those who are not included in your Bitrix24 Portal thus far.

  5. How long will the installation take?

    Just a few hours will pass from the moment when the deal with Avivi is registered until the first letter can be sent through the SMTP Module, depending on the features of your boxed Bitrix24.

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