Avivi's solution to the Bitrix24 CRM duplicate entities' issue

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The company which ordered the functionality is Five Star Claims Adjusting company, for which Avivi performed a major customization of the Bitrix24 client's portal. Dozens and hundreds of customers address the company daily regarding insurance penalties, and the money turnover of the company amounts to hundreds and even millions of dollars.
Every little detail in the history of the cooperation with clients is important for the Five Star Claims Adjusting company, thus, the presence of the duplicates is unacceptable. User-cases of the client's company employees became the basis for the duplicating entities management.

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The client's company has been working with Bitrix24 CRM for a long time, during which, quite a number of duplicates appeared. This is inevitable when dealing with requests from clients, and is associated with both technical features and the human factor. It was impossible to solve the problem with the standard Bitrix24 functionality:

● automatic control of duplicates does not allow you to select the desired final entity;

● it is possible to adjust all duplicates at once, and not individually for each of the cases.


A customized add-on for the Bitrix24 on-premise edition provides a wide selection of possibilities for searching, matching and merging duplicates. The product does not cover any of the Bitrix24 methods and works autonomously. A new button is displayed for users on the desired entity pages using Javascript, which starts the process of matching and merging duplicates. In-house duplicates management tool can be used simultaneously. Unlike its capabilities, the user can select search parameters, the desired fields of entity cards.


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The Avivi company solved the client's issues with finding and combining the CRM Bitrix24 duplicate entities management, and at the same time created a flexible product with the possibility of individual revision for any business. Its main advantages:

Duplicates search can be conducted on a selective basis, rather than all at once across the entire database. The add-on allows the user to independently choose the final entity where the data will be merged. Such a possibility is not provided by the in-house functionality;

Avivi's solution does not limit the number of the merged entities: in fact, to the right side of the selected final entity there might be all the cards containing the identical information according to the selected fields. Information merge is conducted without any data loss;

The add-on does not interfere with Bitrix24 work, and, therefore, is not affected by the box edition updates. Installation and debugging of the add-on in the form of a module by Avivi employees is a one-time process, taking into account all the preferences of the client and the peculiarities of the company's business processes.

I've spent a great deal of time with Avivi and have to say they have been extremely helpful with all of my needs. I started with them when I was having an emegency with my Bitrix system and was unable to get help anywhere else. They immediately helped solve the issue and have been there ever since. I can't express my appreciation for them in words, other than Thank You for always being there when I need you! :)

Jarred Lintz

Director of Operations

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