Development of the company's website and integration with the Bitrix24 CRM

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Your Building Team is a leading construction company operating in Canada and the United States. With a focus on providing expert services in the construction of reliable, convenient, and functional buildings, Your Building Team has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. Our company combines years of experience and skilled craftsmanship with modern design and construction technologies to deliver high-quality structures to our clients. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to exceed expectations by delivering exceptional value and service.
For some time, our company has been seeking experienced partners for comprehensive website development and integration with the Bitrix24 business toolset. Our main goal is to implement CRM for effective customer relationship management, including lead processing, agreement management, and order fulfillment at all stages of delivery and construction. The contractor's primary task was to develop automation for our business processes, ensuring the creation of convenient and productive software for both customers and employees. We selected Bitrix24 for its reputation as one of the best solutions for Canada, aiming to create an effective and attractive website that reflects the activities of Your Building Team while serving as the primary source for obtaining leads. Markham, ON, Canada

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1. Website Development: The first task involved the development of a completely new website for YourBuildingTeam. This encompassed all stages of website development, including prototyping, design, frontend and backend development, and rigorous testing. Given the understanding of the company's existing and planned business processes, special emphasis was placed on incorporating features for lead generation. This included implementing feedback forms and custom forms where users could specify their design requirements. Such features were crucial for expediting workflow and enhancing project planning capabilities.

2. Implementation of Bitrix24 CRM and Integration with the Website: The second task focused on implementing Bitrix24 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and integrating it seamlessly with the newly developed website. The Avivi team initiated this task by procuring the necessary license and launching the Bitrix24 Portal. Subsequently, they configured the CRM according to YourBuildingTeam's requirements and integrated custom CRM forms with the website. These forms included custom fields and conditional filling to streamline the user experience. Furthermore, integration with the company's email system was established to ensure prompt receipt of customer inquiries. Additionally, this task encompassed setting up various business processes within the CRM, such as lead processing, deal management, reporting, internal document flow, and organizational structure.

To successfully execute these tasks, Avivi allocated a comprehensive team of specialists, including a project manager, designer, frontend and backend developers, Bitrix24 specialists, and quality assurance (QA) testers. This multi-disciplinary team ensured that all aspects of the project, from website development to CRM integration, were handled with precision and efficiency.


The impact of this project on YourBuildingTeam's business has been substantial. By automating previously manual processes, such as order processing and lead management, the project has significantly accelerated the company's operations. The introduction of a three-level form on the website has enabled employees to promptly gather essential information from clients, including design specifications, construction site details, and material preferences. This automation has resulted in a remarkable 130% increase in the processing speed of each customer request, underscoring the project's effectiveness in enhancing business productivity and efficiency.

Project management was meticulously arranged by Avivi, with a dedicated personal manager appointed to oversee communication, reporting, and timely updates on project progress. This manager remained accessible to YourBuildingTeam 24/7, promptly addressing any queries or concerns that arose during the project duration. Communication primarily occurred through video conferences, with developers joining meetings as necessary. This robust project management approach ensured seamless collaboration between YourBuildingTeam and Avivi, facilitating the successful execution of the project within stipulated timelines and meeting all project objectives effectively.


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The result

As a summary, the three most general achievements of the project look like:

A new convenient website has been created to attract customers and obtain the most useful information;
License purchased, Bitrix24 business tools set installed and configured;
The CRM system is configured and integrations with the website are created: with feedback forms and email.
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