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The idea of creating a site with NFT was born a long time ago, but for a long time it remained only a plan within the Thielium project. However, the acquaintance of the authors of the idea with the developers of Avivi provided an impetus for development.
Our developers were able to comprehensively approach the solution of all issues, including the optimization of the NFT mint, which made the project economically feasible.

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Avivi's client set the task of developing a new site that would combine the functions of a platform for community growth and a platform for the distribution of immutable tokens. The client himself represents the environment of scientists of the United States of America and had certain ideas on how to realize his idea. But our team offered a better option, where all wishes are taken into account and controversial points are simplified.


To implement the project, we chose one of the best programming languages for similar tasks — Python and the Django framework. BeFund developers have created a simple and clear design in accordance with the purpose and purpose of the website, which takes into account all the wishes of the customer and technical requirements.

An important stage of development, which complicates the project, was the development of the "Molecule" — a dynamic scheme of links between the article and other scientific sources (internal links in the article and external links to the article). The chart updates in real-time and is generated using JavaScript. Reference information is synchronized with NIH's global scientific database.

And the most interesting thing. At any moment, the author of the article can generate NFT. Of course, the value of the token grows over time and is proportional to many indicators, the main of which is the number of external links from "Molecule". For the mint, you need to specify a title and select an appropriate image. The system uses the internal unique article number assigned at the time of its publication. This approach made it possible to reduce the cost of the mint, which is paid by the author himself, by almost 10 times. The sale of the token guarantees its owner full access to information. The smart contract was created in the Solidity language and works on the Ethereum decentralized network.


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The result

Avivi's development team has created a full-fledged solution that combines modern technologies and already existing effective solutions. The main achievements of our development are:

A new multifunctional portal for the community of scientists has been created. The solution uses WEB 3.0 technologies.
To confirm the value of the articles, an integration with an international scientific database has been created NIH.
We optimized the NFT minting process and reduced its previous cost by 10 times.
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