Generating a special commercial proposal in Bitrix24 for the construction industry

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METAL PRO BUILDINGS from Toronto, Ontario has been a leading company in the field of prefabricated metal structures for over 30 years. Residential homes, industrial buildings or agricultural buildings are all assembled from our customer's products in Canada and North America.
Previously, the company used ZohoCRM functionality to generate complex commercial proposals. However, now clients have opted for Bitrix24 and have commissioned Avivi to customize the out-of-the-box edition specifically for their needs. Canada, Ontario, Toronto

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The main task for the Avivi developers was to create additional functionality for the generation of commercial proposals with the ability to attach these documents to the entities Lead and Contact. The basis for the task was MC Excel spreadsheet with a huge amount of data, which previously contained the necessary complex calculations. Our team had to involve frontend and backend developers to perform the task correctly and get a nice result.  


From a technical point of view, the implementation of the task is based on loading all the necessary information from the spreadsheet into the high load blocks with further linking of elements between them. Due to this, when filling out the custom fields of the control, some data are inserted automatically, depending on the previously selected values. For example, when you select a region, in the next field appears a list of cities. We have created a visual part characterized by ease of completion and intuitive for the customer's employees. You can view the calculation of any commercial proposal in the usual tabular view after you have entered all the necessary information, as well as print or save as a PDF file.


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After the conclusion of the project, the company's employees have got the most convenient tool for generation of commercial offers and working with them for the first time:

The new item of the left menu displays all commercial proposals created by employees and provides the ability to manage them: edit, view, download and delete. View as a list is available here, and filtering is configured as well; 

Calculation takes into account a huge set of parameters and allows you to easily calculate cost differences depending on the end customer's location, selected accessories, the number of door and window openings, and much more;

Generated quotations are attached to CRM Lead and Contakt entities. This allows METAL PRO BUILDINGS employees to retrieve information about previous offers made to each individual customer at any time. 

We found it impressive how the team translated our extremely detailed excel sheet into a working Bitrix24 module. After Avivi implemented the above-defined custom modules to our CRM system: Our quotation process is now more efficient and streamlined all within our CRM and lead generation from our email has become much more organized, their system easily parsed the data sent to our email and created perfect lead cards with all the correct data in the correct fields.

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