UTM for your Bitrix24 CRM

24 October 2022

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Slava Nahnybida

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Slava Nahnybida
UTM for your Bitrix24 CRM

Everyone, without exception, is interested in where customers come to them from, where people learn about goods or services, and in general, what they pay more attention to. A long time ago, a good idea came to the bright head of some developer: why not create a mechanism for tracking transitions with the help of special labels, suitable for people and machines? In life, they do this with migratory birds in order to know from where and where the birds migrate. This is how special rules for marking links appeared, which, moreover, are more understandable to users without the use of equipment than qr-codes.

If you didn't know that these squares can be understood without a smartphone, click here and we'll continue.

Tracking modules

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) tags, or UTM tags or UTM parameters, mainly help to evaluate the impact of each traffic source or marketing channel on an advertising campaign. The text modules that make up the labels do not in any way affect the main link, after which they are written through the "right slash" sign (/) and highlighted by the browser in gray. Even if you make a mistake, the user

will still get to the right page; the tag just won't work.


In practical use, UTM allows you to quickly navigate traffic changes on your site, optimize your advertising budget and adjust your advertising campaign accordingly. It is definitely worth using UTM tags in the following situations:

  1. You have advertising campaigns in Google, Yandex or social networks, and you want to know where your users come from.

  2. You're using other ways to get leads and customers, and want to learn more about where they're coming from.

  3. You are engaged in email marketing and want to know the effectiveness of a particular mailing.

Types of tags

Before starting work with tags, it is worth understanding what they are made of and what function each of them performs:

  • utm_source is the name of the advertising platform

A required parameter that indicates the source of the traffic, such as a search engine, social network, or any other referral.

  • utm_source=facebook

  • utm_medium — ad type

This required parameter helps define the type of campaign or ad. In this parameter, it is traditional to use fixed values, for example: cpc (cost per click) for contextual advertising, display for banner advertising with payment for impressions, social_cpc — advertising in social networks with payment for click.

  • utm_medium=cpc

  • utm_campaign — campaign name

Mandatory parameter to identify a specific advertising campaign.

  • utm_campaign=winter_sale.

  • utm_term is a keyword

An optional parameter used for paid search to identify keywords for your ad. It helps to compare the search query and keywords and also to identify non-targeted queries.

utm_content — additional information

Optional parameter for additional information inside the ad: Which CTA button worked: in the header or in the footer?.

To correctly collect information, you should remember the following:

  • mandatory parameters — mandatory, without them the information may be collected incorrectly;

  • use only Latin and UTF-8 encoding in UTM tags;

  • allowed characters to separate words: "_" and "-".


Bitrix24 UTM and CRM

Of course, such a great way of tracking traffic was not overlooked by the number one CRM system in Ukraine — Bitrix24. Labels here can be useful in several cases, but they are used for their intended purpose: they show where customers come from and allow you to sort and filter CRM records. End-to-end Analytics will not work without the appropriate UTMs.

In the modern version of Bitrix24 (starting with the "Boston" release, 2019), tracking leads has become even easier: directly in the card, provided that the traffic source is correctly configured, it is shown how a person got into your CRM.


In order for everything to be displayed correctly in your Bitrix24 portal, we recommend the article Reconciliation of marketers with the sales department

However, if the source is not configured or very specific, analytics will simply pull up the "Other traffic" icon and it will not be informative for the user. Therefore, it should be remembered that UTM tags are also shown in the lead card, where they can be viewed and filtered.

Practical "Uthemization"

So what else could be the benefit of using UTM tags for Bitrix24? In fact, you can add relevant tags wherever you have enough administrative rights to do so: in the addresses of site pages, in web forms or even individual buttons.

The easiest way to do this is with the example of CRM forms from Bitrix24. You can have many such forms, both separate and embedded on different pages of the site. The main thing is that the address of the page on which the form is located contains the correct UTM modules. In this case, the lead who filled out the form will enter your CRM with tags already automatically inserted from the page. When filtering leads, you will be able to separate all new arrivals into the appropriate categories.

The Bitrix24 team announced the appearance in the near future of the UTM constructor built into the system. This will greatly simplify the work of users and eliminate the possibility of errors. However, there are many other ways to create a label: from browser applications to online services.

To mark means to love

In conclusion, I wanted to say that UTM tags are a relatively simple and fairly effective way to improve your business. Therefore, it is always better to create a short text and then have more data in the CRM, than to be lazy and guess on the coffee grounds where your customers come from. The research of British scientists is also interesting, but still incomplete: users from the focus group were more willing to go to unknown abstract links that contained tracking modules. This was associated with a sense of trust: if there is a UTM, then the transition is meaningful for the author of the link, who values ​​​​his visitor and is unlikely to harm him. So love your business and your customers — use UTM, and Bitrix24 will help you understand the results.

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