When should you start working with Bitrix24?

26 May 2021

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Ivan Bocharov


Ivan Bocharov
When should you start working with Bitrix24?

The question of setting up Bitrix24 is often asked by novice entrepreneurs, startuppers, and people who open new directions or scale a business. Are there any indicators that will definitely tell you, "Yes, it's time!" or "No, it's too early/too late..."? We offer 4 great tips on how to work with Bitrix2, these  will be useful at any stage of your business. 

My name is Ivan Bocharov. I am a business integrator and I have been working with Bitrix24 since 2012. I would like to share 4 tips on when you should start setting up the system.  

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1.   Start beforehand

It is very good when entrepreneurs are consciously approaching the issue of setting up Bitrix24 in an existing business. However, it would be much better to do this before you even start a business. Yes, you heard it right: the best time to start using Bitrix24 is long before any active business steps. How will you benefit?

●      You will be able to model any business process, outline the structure of any future team where you will simply add invited people later;

●      You will get a great set of tools for clear planning and reminders;

●      You will get used to the system and the mobile app, learn it’s many features, and be able to explain your vision to all your new team members. 

Bitrix24 is a virtual representation of all the company's processes. And even if there is no physical company yet, everything can be thought out to the smallest detail in the digital form. 

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2.   Don't keep for later

In practice, 96% of entrepreneurs set up Bitrix24 in a ready-made business. In this case, I would strongly  advise that you do not keep this step for later. Working with the system requires certain skills, and the faster your team acquires them — the more efficient the workflow will become     .

I would like to add      that Bitrix24 has many useful tools that will help you and your employees not to keep the things you have  to do for later. For example:

●      You need to make an important announcement to the entire team. There is a Feed for this. You can also make sure that everyone actually      reads your post;

●      You need to pass on an urgent task.  That mobile task is set in seconds from any device;

●      Do you need to check your employees working hours? The timetable is just a few clicks away from uploading to your virtual disk in an instant, then you can deal with it at another suitable time that suits you. 

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3.   Keep only digital records

Everything that happens in your business, especially regarding the interaction with customers, should be recorded and saved. Bitrix24 handles these issues via the CRM system, which saves everything and reminds you of the most important actions at the right time: 

●      Transfer all possible records related to customers and transactions to the CRM — the more Bitrix24 knows about your business, the more efficient and faster employees will be able to work;

●      Free up your paper usage: the system ensures e-document management;

●      Search for any information within the system in a few seconds using various filters. 

I highly recommend that you avoid all possible third-party factors in the physical form as much as possible: notebooks, magazines, card files, etc. Only the sharing user access and the free exchange of all corporate information will make your business flexible. 

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4.    Integrate other services

A good part of all new projects, especially B2C, require a wide audience coverage, which includes a website and various social networks. Setting up Bitrix24 can save you from a specific difficulty and solve all the issues properly and with efficiency. Setting-up is also essential if:

●      You need a new website or several websites. Bitrix24 allows you to create your own landing pages and multi-page websites in the design mode without involving a team of specialists;

●      You have several areas of interaction with customers (     calls, communication via messengers, requests via social networks etc), for which different employees are responsible. Integrations allow you to distribute the workload;

●      Your employees spend a lot of time undertaking      routine processes for monitoring and transferring data that can be automated. 

Bitrix24 is an excellent software for connecting several third-party services used within your business. If You are using non-standard services, then you can integrate them due to the open API.

Everyone knows the wonderful abbreviation ASAP (As Soon As Possible). And that's how I would like to conclude this  article. Thanks for your attention!

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