Bitrix Landing Page: All Benefits of Popular CMS

23 June 2017

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Bitrix Landing Page: All Benefits of Popular CMS

When creating a website, be it a single-page or a temporary one, any self-respecting businessman tries to get a broad idea of all possible functionalities in present-day development.

Obviously enough, the first thing to be chosen in this case is an efficient engine for the development of a prospective resource. It is no secret that Bitrix still holds its leading position in CMS rating for commercial engines. With expanded advantages and strengthened positions, this system continuously offers its clients new solutions.

So if you are faced with the task of developing a single-page website, also known as landing page, then it is impossible to pass by Bitrix products.

Why should you prefer a landing page from another system?

If you are still hesitant, then follow these steps:

  1. Define your website development objectives.
  2. Identify the main functional your site should maintain.
  3. Decide if you site will need future upgrades and alterations.

If your objective is listed below – then, landing page will be the best solution for you:

  • You sell a single specific product or service;
  • You need an advertising or promo-campaign;
  • You want to launch your online business the as soon as possible.

Why? The answer is simple: the primary objective of landing is to create, on short notice, an effective tool for generating leads in one-page framework.

With a call-to-action stylish design and eye-catching content, you follow this scheme: “Catching clients’ attention – keeping them on the page – offering a specific product/service here and now – letting them fill in the form without getting off the page”.

And if you are aiming at boosting your sales, at breakneck speed, with the help of a page which will not only be your online business card and demonstration field, but will also communicate feedback forms; then, landing is undoubtedly the most reasonable solution.

How, where and what kind of landing is to be developed?

Presently, there are plenty of options for the creation of up-to-date and efficient landing. You have probably already heard of website builders, such as tilde, lpgenerator and others; all of these platforms have their virtues and shortcomings. We will not analyze those in any detail – there is more than enough information on the topic on the internet. What we will say is that any of these platforms, while offering an opportunity to create a landing page manually in a matter of hours, will never warn you about unexpected difficulties. And those difficulties will most certainly come.

The lack or orderly customized SEO-component of the website, difficulties with successive conversion of leads into clients, lack of 100% rights for website administration, hardships with updating and mangling the blocks, dubious development and support team and so on.

Well, of course, just for test and getting first experience you may take the risk of using the first resource you come across. But if you prefer trustworthiness and quality checked with time to such shady ventures, then, it’s better to have your eyes on platforms with big names from the very beginning.

And, obviously, we consider Bitrix one of them. The process of Bitrix landing page development is convenient; it does not require any special skills in website development, and you may choose from dozens of unique modules for your project. At the same time, any resource created with the help of Bitrix engine:

  • will have a 100% protection against hacking, since anti-virus and tamper-proof package is a part of mandatory bundling for 1C Bitrix;
  • will guarantee you 24/7 technical support;
  • will be dynamic in terms of overpatching and updates – annually, Bitrix offers more that 300 different updates which extend and enhance the functionality of its resources;
  • will provide high loading speed and possibility to regulate and distribute server loading on your own.

And, of course, one of the key and incontestable advantages is that due to Bitrix24 CRM integration you get the opportunity to manage your orders and interact with clients easily and naturally.

Let’s discuss this point in further detail.

Bitrix landing page and Bitrix24 CRM integration

The main task of landing page is collection of leads, contacts and orders. But if you aim at not just analysis but also further application of data for sales growth, then you need to think of the ways of data processing.

That’s why creation of landing page is not enough. If you haven’t thought in advance what you are going to do with the incoming activities and information, if you have no idea about how this information should be filtered, marked and, most generally, used to your advantage - it actually means that your landing automatically loses 50% of its effectiveness.

Such losses can be easily prevented by CRM, say, Bitrix itself. It is totally free and unbelievably easy to integrate it with you landing, and it will help you to collect any single iota of information about requests, contacts and any type of interaction.

If the deal hangs up, it is automatically displayed in your CRM, enabling you to finalize contact with a lead and to convert this lead into client. If you want to see the general percentage of the efficiency of your landing – just analyze the sales and generate an indicative vortex.

You will not have to perform manually any single maneuver connected with incoming data processing, neither you will need to create archives on a 3rd-party resource. All the information will be at your hand 24/7. And your only objective will be to use it properly.

So, what do you need to develop a Bitrix landing page?

Whatever type of landing page you decide to create, the first thing you need to do is to draw some kind of a block-scheme with all the necessary modules and pages.

Then you need to consider color scheme and design, main menu location and type, calls to action and feedback forms. You will also need to decide if you need an embedded payment system, whether you are going to sell your product on your landing page or just demonstrate it and then lead your clients to another resource. One more thing requiring your attention is the succession of a product/service review.

All this being done, you need to contact 1C-Bitrix online store where you can choose a module appropriate for your sphere. You can opt for a ready-made solution, that is, some template which you can set up on your own at your taste. Or you can assemble some kind of a set by purchasing the modules you need: payments, online assistant, call order and so on. Or, just as well, you may order landing development from Bitrix specialists from scratch – which will ensure absolutely unitized project development.

If you face difficulties with any stages in your landing page development, you may always seek our assistance. We will provide you with professional advice or will fully assume your project realization and landing development.

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