Speed solves everything: what does Bitrix24 do for business faster than anyone else?

12 February 2021

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Vyacheslav Nahnybida

PR Manager

Vyacheslav Nahnybida
Speed solves everything: what does Bitrix24 do for business faster than anyone else?

"Time is money," is probably the most capacious wisdom with which to begin an article about speed in business. And the faster the team gets things done, the more useful time there is, which means more revenue. But in today's business, the rate of speed determines not only success, but also directly affects the existence of the business as a whole. We propose to consider five examples where the essence of the positive impact on the speed of business processes in the company using Bitrix24 is fully disclosed.

"Got it, answered it, won it.”

 "Leave us your phone number and our managers will get back to you in less than 10 minutes!", a familiar "lure" in the capture forms on various websites? Statistically, few call back in time, most call back within half an hour and also few never call back at all. It's even more interesting with text responses. Autoreplies from trained chat bots, of course, come instantly, but then there is a chance to remind yourself several times with new messages. Yes, and each time again get caught up in auto-replies.

The most frustrating thing about this situation is that the time drawn taken as a shot in the dark (because competitors have it written that way too) can be quite achievable! The most important thing is to equip the people who handle customer calls with the necessary tools, and further scale the team of such people. It is clear that if a conversation with a customer lasts an average of 8 minutes, it is not worth misinforming about 5.

1 англ.png 

Bitrix24 allows you to achieve the fastest response time to a customer request, regardless of the channel of communication. If it's a phone call — it can be answered directly from your workplace or a cell phone connected to the system. If a text message is a request, all of them are stacked into a single Contact Center, and an employee can conduct several dialogs in completely different chats in a single window.

Notification of a new request comes almost instantly: no need to pick up your smart phone, refresh the page with the open e-mail, and so on. We get a notification - and we can respond right away. Thus, if you try to calculate how much Bitrix24 increases the speed of response to a client's request, you get a very high figure. And this is the key to success in getting orders, customer retention and a positive image.

Bureaucratic Booster

In second place after importance in the speed of external work is the internal activity of the company. How long does it take to get everyone together for a meeting to hand out the "TOR"? Does anyone else need incoming invoices or outgoing commercial proposals not signed off on time by their manager? How long do you wait to hear back from an employee who isn't there, and more. Most of these processes are connected with the structure of the company, the corporate hierarchy, access to the right LPR. You can't do without it, but you can't do it otherwise, for many reasons.

Here Bitrix24 will be especially useful. Thanks to automation of many actions, any of the above processes may be accelerated a number of times. The virtual space of the Portal in which employees work has the following advantages:

  • Physical presence is not necessary: practically any issue can be solved remotely;

  • Electronic document flow using templates speeds up the work with the documents, reduces the time for their drawing up, editing, exchange and approval;

  • Business processes control the timely reaction of participants at all levels, remind of important or incomplete cases and sometimes can simply block the progress of the case until important decisions are made.

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Not to be unsubstantiated about the hundredfold acceleration of processes, let's take a look at an employee leave approval situation we set up for a client in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In Bitrix24, the leave request is submitted from the Newsfeed using a business process and gets to the manager wherever they are. All you have to do to get approval is read the notice and click one button. Let it take, well, at most 1 minute with a reserve and allowance for reflection. Now count: there are usually 8 working hours in a day, in a normal week — 40. In an hour there are 60 minutes, so a minimum of 4800 minutes. So Bitrix24 speeds up the bureaucratic process 4.8 x 103 times in this situation.

Fast search

Also, a lot of time is always spent on searching for the right information. If you have an extensive client base, finding the contacts of the right person without any software is quite difficult. Sometimes you have to thumb through dozens of notebooks, index cards, and if the last communication was a couple of years ago — you have to lift the archival folders. It's the same with production documents, and it's not a fact that you'll find what you're looking for.


Bitrix24 will help you find everything stored in CRM and other sections of its virtual memory. Of course, you have to add information there first, but once you've done it once, you can be sure that it will never disappear from the system. You can search almost anything: names, details, addresses, contacts, documents, phrases and words in correspondence, files, etc. For convenience, filters are used everywhere and you can customize them to your liking or save them for general use.

Thus, to find something from the corporate information, an employee does not even have to get up from his workplace or ask his colleagues for help. "Search," enter the right keywords, and the result: even with a few seconds to process a search query, this is incomparable in terms of the time it takes to flip through pages of real documents.

Instant Communication

How long does it take you, as a supervisor, to give a task to, for example, Johnny the warehouse worker? First you have to go to him in the warehouse, then find him between the racks or in the smoking room. And getting through to Louie's driver while he's driving around the state is generally difficult, even with the capabilities of modern mobile communications...

Examples abound, but the problem is the same: communicating with employees and team members among themselves takes a huge amount of time and is often inefficient. Bitrix24 helps here as well:

  • All the contact information you need is displayed in employee profiles. Even if you don't know someone's phone number at a moment's notice, you can see it in Bitrix24;

  • The system allows you to communicate in real time with each Portal user individually or organize group communication. This can be correspondence, voice calls within the system, file exchange and video conferences.

  • Built-in ERP system of Bitrix24 allows the efficient setting up tasks for the employees, delivering the main idea to each of them and controlling the implementation process. And discussion of tasks and projects allows to quickly change and adjust goals in case the situation changes.

4 англ.png 

Also in terms of communication it is worth noting that the use of Bitrix24 will reduce the time of interaction with many third-party services. Integration with email saves the need to constantly go to the page of the mailer in a browser or via a mobile application, no need to switch between Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp and other (and think about where you communicate with a particular person), as it is all also integrated. From the few seconds previously spent switching, free hours run up by the end of the week, and by the end of the year, it can take a month to pack up.

Quick start of various campaigns

And lastly, let's touch on the subject of marketing. It's hard to talk about specific numbers here, but the general trend is clearly visible. Marketing is a delicate matter and does not forgive procrastination, and sometimes forces us to be proactive. Every marketing campaign requires a lot of time to prepare, but Bitrix24 perfectly speeds up the necessary processes in this case, too.

Forming a target audience will become much easier with the use of CRM marketing. Here you can segment your customers according to various principles and don't spend a lot of time searching and checking — the system will do it for you. For example, the audience segments can be "Customers for October", "Shampoo Customers", "Birthday Boys of May" or "All Stephens": the main thing is to set the parameters, by which the system will select the appropriate contact cards from the CRM.

 5 англ.png

Less time will be spent on all kinds of mailing lists. You can use templates to create letters, SMS or audio messages in a very easy way. And mailing or calling back with Bitrix24 is activated in a few clicks and works automatically.

And if you need a landing page for an event or promotion, forget about the weeks of communication on the points of requirement with the developers. For a maximum of 2 hours you can build and run a full-fledged web page with everything you need for promotion and sales. For this is responsible constructor Bitrix24.Sites.

These are not all, but the main areas of business that can significantly accelerate the implementation of Bitrix24. And while your competitors are chatting with each other in hundreds of WhatsApp chats, writing down orders on post-it notes and searching headlong for the necessary information in thick folders, you will be enjoying your work and calculating your profits. And your employees will have extra time, which can be spent with the benefit of other issues or even allow themselves a break - it depends on how you decide within your team. And during this time, Bitrix24 will be working.

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