The best tools for online store search — in Magento 2!

14 February 2023

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Slava Nahnybida

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Slava Nahnybida
The best tools for online store search — in Magento 2!

How important is searchability on an eCommerce site? In fact, the results of numerous studies may surprise you: 84% of respondents want to use the search on the site, even if they have already found the product they need through a search engine. The following figure is no less confusing: 68% of respondents will leave your site if the search does not meet their expectations, is inconvenient to use or simply does not work. Finally, more pleasant information: the conversion of an online store with a good search tool increases by 50%. In Avivi, we believe that even this data is enough to realize the importance of search on an eCommerce site and to take care of its flawless operation.

Search on Magento 2 platform sites

Organizing search has always been a complex and responsible process for developers on any platform. Not so long ago, this was a purely custom process for each individual case, as standard components were only capable of primitive, uniform actions. Therefore, the development of search on the eCommerce site took a lot of time and required significant financial costs. For years, vendor companies have developed their products in terms of internal search optimization, so these tasks take less time today. However, it is impossible to properly configure the search without the intervention of developers.

The Magento platform has also gone through the complex process of developing its own search tools. In the first version of the product, there was a fairly simple algorithm that did not have special abilities and produced few good results. Avivi developers customized the search module on each of the projects. However, it cannot be said that this was a purely negative factor:

  • Each time, the client received exactly the set of search tools and filters that was needed exclusively for his eCommerce site;

  • An individual approach made it possible to develop the best search every time and optimize it for the best interaction with the system and avoid its overload.

The current version of Magento 2 has a new internal search engine based on ElasticSearch. It is already a fully functional and powerful tool that produces relevant results and has a wide range of additional features for fine-tuning instead of custom development. But this solution also requires the intervention of developers for the best results for visitors to your online store.

In 2021, the Adobe company presented the newest search solution for the line of its own Adobe Commerce products. This component is called Live Search and is interesting for both potential users and developers. The vendor company began to use artificial intelligence and other modern technologies for search, and also announced the implementation of these search algorithms in all future commercial products. So we can assume that in the near future the search will become even better and compatible with various Adobe commercial products. Currently, owners of eCommerce sites on Magento 2 can download the Live Search module from the official Marketplace.

Features and benefits of Live Search for Magento 2

Installing the module in your project on Magento 2 does not cause difficulties and is similar to other installations. The only difference is the generation of a custom API key in your Magento account. This is necessary to establish the connection of the installed module with other Adobe Commerce digital products, and it already leads to certain thoughts: obviously, from now on, search will not only be an internal process, but will also use data from other programs for the best results and detailed analytics. The installed module appears in the "Marketing" tab of the Magento 2 administration panel. The software indexes the content of your online store, so you should allow some time for this process and do not worry that some products are not immediately displayed in the module management. Everything will appear later.

There are three main tabs when working with the module: Faceting, Synonyms and Rules. Aspects are used to configure search filters. It is possible to adjust their sort order, sort type or fix some attributes so that they are always at the top of the filters. Synonyms allow you to select groups of words for which the search will show the same result. An interesting feature of Live Search is the setting of two-way or one-way search. For example, a user can search for "stationery" and see the product "pencil", or search for "a pencil", but get all "stationery" — this is a two-way search. In the case of one-sided, the user searches for "three-wings thing that rotates" and finds "fidget spinner", but not the other way around.

Search rules tend more towards marketing tools than actually search tools. The rules describe the appearance of the received search result. For example, you can fix a certain product at the top of the page that best meets the user's request, so that this result is constantly in his field of vision and stimulates the desire to buy it.

It's all about tools and controls. But there is something that makes the Live Search module better than any custom search solution in Magento 2. The fact is that the software puts almost no load on your system because it works with Adobe Commerce remote services. The module receives requests from users and sends them to cloud services that perform all the calculations and transmit the result back to your system. This is a good example of the implementation of the concept of the future of the Internet, which gives an understanding of exactly how technologies will work in the coming years.

Search results for Magento 2

Does your online store need search? Yes, definitely needed. Should you build a custom solution for your eCommerce project? This question is ambiguous, because the developers of Avivi can do it qualitatively and professionally, and exactly as you will need. But no custom solution can compete with a powerful cloud service from the creators of Magento 2 itself. That is why Adobe Live Search will be the best solution for you and a promising technology that will be more deeply integrated with Adobe Commerce services and artificial intelligence over the years. Therefore, it is better to order the installation and configuration of the Live Search module from Avivi and develop your own online store on Magento 2 with our support. We are interested in making your business more efficient and profitable.

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