Avivi's Bitrix24 SMTP module turned 2: the number of customers we helped and the things we've learned

17 December 2021

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Yana Kravets

Project Manager

Yana Kravets
Avivi's Bitrix24 SMTP module turned 2: the number of customers we helped and the things we've learned

The Avivi company operates at the IT market since 2012, and during this time, we have offered a number of solutions and various optimizations for our customer's business. We always try succeed in developing new features for Bitrix24, especially when we get the respective requests from the customers. 

One of the most popular solutions was SMTP module, needed to solve issues with the use of an email service in Bitrix24. Back in the day, we've spent a month and a half on its development, during which the Avivi professionals team:

  • Conducted a large-scale data analysis; 

  • We created a concept and a work plan;

  • And, in particular, developed the Module's code. 

For more than 2 years now, the product successfully sells itself. That is right, as the issues it eliminates, occur in 100% of the cases of boxed Portals Bitrix24. Our solution allows users to work under the cloud principle. This means, that people have the possibility to connect an unlimited number of email services and actively use them. The emails from the CRM Marketing, as well as from Bitrix24 robots, are sent out directly from the email of the specific sender, and not from the main Portal's email address. Thus, neither the users, nor the customers, will notice the difference between the cloud and the box editions. 

TOP questions asked by the customers before the installation: 

1. Will it work for sure?

There was not a single box edition where the module would not work. 

2. Will the module still operate after the Bitrix24 update?

NO! Bitrix24 updates do not influence our module in any way.

3. What is the module installation procedure?

Our professionals independently install the module on your box. If, for some reasons, you are not able to provide access to the portal, we will prepare you a file with the installation instruction.

4. What are the accesses needed for the installation?

Admin accesses to the portal, as well as SSH.

5. How to use the module?

No special actions are needed. We used Bitrix24 methods exclusively, so nothing will change at all.

There is a number of issues we face that do not allow us to install the module quickly. 

The reasons that will definitely cause the issues:

1. If the customer had other modules installed before, and the respective settings concerning sending emails were changed on the server (postfix, for instance). All the extra modules or settings will need to be deleted, as they will conflict with our module. 

2. The most common issue is when one email address is assigned to two or more contacts, i.e. several users are registered with the same email address.
You can't do that. If several people need to have access to the mailbox, it's advised to simply share login and password.  

3. Changing the IP-address. In this case, the product will stop operating, for sure, as it uses one of the authentications connected to the records in the database. ID-address change will immediately renew the working capacity.  

As you see, out SMTP module is not demanding, operates properly and almost never breaks. However, if something goes wrong, there will be no difficulties for the Avivi professionals to switch everything back, so that you will be able to use email without any interruptions in Bitrix24.

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