Time and Project Reports

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App Description

The application from the "Top 10" of the most popular Bitrix24 modules in the world for reporting on time spent, staff interaction and the stages of performing tasks.

We want to present the simplest and most convenient solution in the process of evaluating and controlling the employees work in a project on the Bitrix24 from Avivi company. The application "Time and Project Reports" is available for you in the Bitrix24 Marketplace! 

Who needs "Time and Project Reports"?

What do any employers need from their subordinates? Of course, a clear understanding of the tasks and their implementation on time. Just like every manager needs knowledge about the general involvement of the team in the work.

Every fellow worker you hire is unique in its own way. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of each person's work output and receive a detailed report from him. That's why we created a universal application for executives and managers "Time and Project Reports".

What is important to know about the application? 

To start work, the manager will have to learn the brief manual on how his personal daily reports are compiled. Also, it is very important for every employee to convey an idea - this is not total control, but only a tool that will facilitate and improve involvement in labor processes, will become an excellent organizational element and motivation to work even better and more.

The application is simple and intuitive to every manager. Reports are constructed in a logical order. To work with "Time and Project Reports" will be spent much less time than on the independent compilation of such reports.

Available for everyone!

The use of the this Avivi`s product is free of charge. Already more than seven thousand Bitrix24 users around the world have had time to evaluate it advantages, which provided the "Time and Project Reports". This application is in the "Top-10" most popular  in the world of Bitrix24.

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Everything You Need to Know about Bitrix24 Task Management

Bitrix24 service automates business processes, establishes efficient communication with customers, employees, partners. Smart management of Bitrix24 tools will undoubtedly bring you bigger growth of your business in less time. Use Bitrix24 now to see the results of efficiently organized and optimized work!

This system comprises all technologies that automate and optimize your company’s whole office operation. With Bitrix 24, for example, you may interact free of charge through a video chat with colleagues, customers, and contractors. From your talk or calendar appointment, you may start a meeting! You may also establish as many group chats as you like to talk about ideas and share files simply. With a single click on Bitrix24, an employee may start, stop and complete a workday. You can see that you can plan and keep track of the worked hours.

You may also receive client applications via any channel, including internet forums, online chats, telephone calls, and social media. CRM will preserve key contacts, communications, and recordings of conversations. Dozens of automated sales and marketing bots will save not only your time but also money. As can be seen, the job management of Bitrix 24 is automated, efficient, fast, error-free.

With this combination, Bitrix24 offers a number of opportunities to improve corporate performance. Again, all because of the convenient and efficient tools for doing business using Bitrix24’s possibilities. For instance, on-board Bitrix is one of such specific instruments. There is a large collection of tools to allow everyone to build and run a business quickly, efficiently, intelligently.

Abilities of Bitrix24

Hence, Bitrix 24 task management includes the following:

  • To deal with documents, use the online version. This lets you use Google Docs, MS Office Online, and work with different documents directly on a PC.
  • Bitrix24. Disk: your company’s personal data storage site. Take time and excellent quality to share papers and multimedia material with peers.
  • Telephony: log in or configure your own PBX. Telephony. Bitrix24 uses telephony extensively. Firm lines and mobile telephones get CRM calls.
  • The social network of a company: conduct conversations and communicate quickly and easily.
  • Work in projects and tasks: fulfill deadlines, allocate assignments and achieve outstanding performance.
  • The CRM system increases sales through the automation of company processes as more information is provided.
  • Management of personnel involves the chance to create the corporate structure and to ensure openness for managers and staff. Create reliable and trustworthy lines of contact with your staff.
  • Mail service: add mailbox@bitrix24.ru or any other domain you want, so that your job may be centralized free of charge.
  • Chats and video calls enable communication in real-time. Any device may be connected and utilized freely.
  • A free mobile app is known as a mobile application.
  • Calendars: capacity to plan meetings and appointments with workers to better coordinate the work and projects of your organization.

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