CRM for $2,700 — is it possible?

19 August 2021

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Vyacheslav Nahnybida


Vyacheslav  Nahnybida
CRM for $2,700 — is it possible?

“CRM is expensive” — this opinion is deeply rooted in the minds of many people. That is true, but this generally relates to any other software. However, it is simply impossible to compare the cost of a Bitrix 24 CRM system and, say, a computer game or an office program: modern business tools are created not for entertainment, but to increase profits. If we look into details, the price of the modern software is not that high to refuse to use it only because of the high cost. Bitrix24 proofs that, since it has a powerful functionality and an affordable price even for small and medium-sized businesses. At the end of the article, we will provide links to our comparisons of Bitrix24 with other popular CRM systems in the world. 

Three mandatory CRM features

For a substantive conversation with a limited budget, it is necessary to immediately indicate what criteria the system should meet. It is mandatory to have three criteria for a random CRM, no matter if it costs $1К or $10К:

●      Flexibility — the ability to refine, improve, replace or repair various components without damaging the overall functionality;

●      Capacity — matching the system with the needs of your company, the workload. Ideally, this parameter should be unlimited;

●      Introduction timeframe — the time from the beginning of the work of the contractor to the complete transition of the company to the CRM use. Gartner and Forrester define this period as 17 months. In fact, the terms from 3 to six months are economically justified.

Already at this stage it becomes clear, that the $2,700 budget is not enough to create a customized CRM. The deadline will not be met, as it takes a while to create a product from scratch, and numerous specialists are involved in any CRM creation, each of whom needs to pay a considerable fee. 

One step away from the answer

Knowing the required minimum, we can check what our implementation budget will be enough for. But here we have another important point that must be taken into account when choosing a CRM. Almost all finished products in this area are available to users in cloud services. Those are so called SaaS-services, provided on a leasehold basis when the IT product, in fact, does not belong to you. The lease is concluded for a certain period of time and in order to continue using the CRM, you must pay when it expires. Thus, for example, when choosing Salesforce, where the “Enterprise” plan meets our requests, the budget will be enough for 1 month and 19 days for 10 people. Zoho.CRM is way more favorable: $2,7К in a proper plan for the same amount of employees will be enough for the whole 6 months.

Everything is possible. It's a fact.

After setting forth the requirements towards the functionality and capabilities of a CRM, it may seem that there are simply no available solutions for the relatively little money. But Bitrix24 has several important features capable to meet your requirements in full. 

The first and most important one is the availability of the box edition: you purchase a licensed copy of the program once and for all. This solves the matter of the lease — it simply does not exist anymore. The basic version of the product, Business 50, does meet our requirements; at the time of this writing its price reaches $2,691, and can always be checked by following this link. The box edition combines all the tools available in the cloud service and has the following capabilities:

●      Unlimited refinement, changes and additions to the functionality directly to the needs of the owner's business;

●      50 users are able to work via browser or mobile applications for iOS or Android;

●      Ready-made integrations with the popular Internet resources, as well as a Contact Center where all possible communication channels with the clients connect to;

●      Apart from the flexible CRM, Bitrix 24 already has the running ERP system which makes it possible to transfer online not only the sales department, but all the activities of the company as it is; this, in turn, will broaden the possibilities of the business processes automatization;

●      Regular, but not mandatory, updates that broaden the possibilities of the box as the vendor releases the innovations. 

Thus, Bitrix24 is a high-tech product of the new generation which is capable of changing your vision of the price/possibility ratio of the modern CRM system. Avivi team members will be happy to tell you about the features of the system, conduct a demo, as well as share the cases of introduction into various business areas. Leave a request for a consultation or email us at:

And now, as promised, our comparisons of the Bitrix24 possibilities with other popular systems:

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