How to raise a control to maximum power with the help of CRM

You are a manager, which means you need to control your employees. How do you do it? Do you try to keep all the strings in your hands? Don’t worry: sooner or later everything will get out of control in the best possible way ... And you can be protected from this case by using a CRM-system.

Avivi won an Oscar in 2019!

30 January 2019

Vyacheslav Askerov


Avivi won an Oscar in 2019!
Avivi won an Oscar in 2019!

The first recipient of the Oscar became known already before the 91st ceremony. There is no catch in this — only the best of the best receive the Oscars in the Bitrix24 community abmunity, just like in the film industry.

Successful start with Avivi and Bitrix24!

In front of you is the most profitable offer of 2019 from Avivi company, Golden Partner of Bitrix24. We offer universal investments that you can use to develop your Bitrix24 in the way you need! How is this possible? Read the details.

“Pack up!” — an article about moving from the cloud into the on-premise in Bitrix24

Proper use of Bitrix24 inevitably brings benefits to its owners, and this means the business development. Consequently it’s an increase in the load and the need for new CRM-system tools. This is a vicious circle, which is successfully expanded in the conditions of the on-premise version by updating the existing one or creating custom functionality. But if you have a cloud version, then over time in the cloud will become quite crowded.

HelpDesk — the best solution for technical support of the clients from Avivi Company

A technical support — is always a pain for every business and it gets harder, when it’s you who should provide the technical support. But with custom extension HelpDesk for the self-hosted version of Bitrix24 from the Avivi Company you will solve a problem with the organization of the technical support for your clients and will receive the effective algorithm of work for your collaborators.

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